Apropos of Everything

A few weeks ago, in a fit of desperate boredom and cautious excitement over a user interface framework, I decided to overhaul my personal website. I felt exasperated with what felt like a constant waste of time on dreadful social networks, with the occasional quip in some terrible format designed for disposability and to discourage nuance and thoughtfulness. Whether we as a society can do better is beside the point; I know I certainly can. Which is not to say that I won’t still waste a lot of time online; only that I want to waste less of it.

So this is it: me doing right by myself. Sitting at the dining table, hacking away at a mechanical keyboard I bought for my wife in the early days of the pandemic, but which —let’s face it— is mostly used by me when I pull the laptop out of my work station and need a half-decent wireless keyboard to shield me from the indignity of typing on Apple’s butterfly monster. There is no theme, no central topic. Only whatever I’m into, whatever I’m struggling with… whatever I’m about to tweet into the void and probably shouldn’t. I don’t know where this is going and I don’t much care. I’m here for the practice; for the sake of thinking about things and putting those thoughts down, whatever they may be.

Good, great, and terrible… warts and all!

About the Tech

This site is built on Svelte, a user interface framework, and SvelteKit, its front-end routing companion. Journal entries are stored in a free Prismic.io repository. Prismic is a headless CMS that makes my content available as an API which my SvelteKit routes can consume, and it’s so pleasant to use I might end up putting up the rest of my content there as well. The site is freely hosted on Netlify, which automatically builds static files with every update to the site’s repository on GitHub.

None of this tech is necessary, but it is what I went with and, so far, I like it. I’m sure things will change with time, but that’s about all of it at the moment.