Hello. I’m Alfonso.

A black and white photo of me taking a picture of myself with my smartphone on a mirror with an ornate frame. A modern pendant lamp is visible in the top right corner, and the edges of a fiddle leaf fig tree near the lower right corner.

I waste too much time on meaningless doom scrolling online and, strangely, creating a new website seems like a reasonable solution to this problem. This minute, at least.

I might do something useful with this someday. In the meantime, you can find me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and —sadly— the absolute pit of despair that is Twitter. You should follow me on none of these.

If you happen to have a good reason to send me an encrypted message, my public key is available on Keybase. You can reach out to me using their messaging system or email your encrypted message to me like in the olden times.

Unencrypted messages are also acceptable, although admittedly a little less fun.